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  • Engrais Akerne RAIN MIX

Engrais Akerne RAIN MIX


Caring for these exquisite and demanding flowers might seem intimidating, but with proper care and suitable fertilizer like "Rain Mix Orchid," you can help your orchids thrive and bloom brilliantly.

Rain mix: 140g

Akerne Rain Mix Fertilizer

Welcome to the world of orchid lovers! Taking care of these exquisite and demanding flowers might seem daunting, but with proper care and suitable fertilizer like "Rain Mix Orchid", you can help your orchids thrive and bloom vibrantly. Here's some information about using this specialized orchid fertilizer:

The "Rain Mix Orchid" is specially formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of orchids.


As orchids can bloom at any time of the year, it's not always clear when to use a growth fertilizer versus a flowering one. This issue can be resolved by using a well-balanced fertilizer throughout the year.

Following an article published in the American Orchids magazine (June 2003) regarding the development of a new balanced orchid fertilizer called "MSU Fertilizer" from Michigan State University, we gathered with selected orchid enthusiasts to replicate the tests over a two-year period, achieving results beyond expectations.

The well-balanced orchid fertilizer we offer today is the result of over ten years of research. This powdered fertilizer has been specially developed for rainwater, RO water, or soft tap water.

RAIN MIX® is based on the following principles:

All the nitric nitrogen in this fertilizer is directly absorbed by the plant. This fertilizer does not contain urea (a cheap nitrogen source) that requires high temperatures to be absorbed by the plant, leading to premature substrate breakdown due to microorganisms.

RAIN MIX® also contains calcium and magnesium, necessary for cellular production, which can nourish the roots and leaves.

Low phosphorus content. Studies have shown that high phosphorus content is not necessary for better flower production in orchids.

All necessary trace elements are present: Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, B, Mo, and Co.

The price of this new water-soluble powder fertilizer is cheaper than our liquid orchid fertilizer (taking into account NPK concentration and volume/weight) and much cheaper than low-concentration liquid "Grow" and "Bloom" orchid fertilizers.

With the recommended dose of ½ gram per liter at each watering, there's no need to water with pure water in between.

Remember that each orchid species may have slightly different needs, so also inquire about the specific requirements of your particular orchids. With careful care and the judicious use of "Rain Mix Orchid" fertilizer, you'll be on the right track to cultivate flourishing and splendid orchids.

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