Phalaenopsis speciosa purple x speciosa coerulea KOFF
  • Phalaenopsis speciosa purple x speciosa coerulea KOFF
  • Phalaenopsis speciosa purple x speciosa coerulea KOFF

Phalaenopsis speciosa purple x speciosa coerulea KOFF


Essentials: Cool Warm - Lighting Medium

Origin of the Plant: Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Special Features: Cultivation with humidity

My advice and observations:

Taille plante: At 2 years of flowering

To make the right choice for your orchid, base it on three main climates:

Cool (greenhouse, protected outdoors, garden) :  5 to 22 degrees Celsius

Temperate (greenhouse, protected outdoors) : 10 to 25 degrees Celsius

Warm (greenhouse,home): 18 to 35 degrees Celsius


If I don't have artificial lighting, the reference point will be behind a window.

High: within 50cm of the window

Medium: from 70cm to 50cm from the window

Low: from 100cm to 70cm from the window

From late February to early October, it is recommended to use a sheer curtain if sunlight touches the leaves to prevent burns.

If I have suitable artificial lighting, I recommend downloading an application that measures lux meters to have a reference point.

I want to clarify that these measurements are only under LED-type artificial light. The measurements have been personally verified at leaf level.

High: 10000 to 7000 LUX

Medium: 6000 to 3000 LUX

Low: 3000 to 1000 LUX

Do not forget to follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid damaging your plants due to burns. Kay Orchid will not be held responsible for improper use.

For cultivation advice to get started on the right foot, you can visit the ORCHID INFO website to learn how to properly water your orchids and get repotting advice.

To select and cultivate an orchid correctly, you will need to choose it based on temperature as it is the most challenging factor to manage and will mainly depend on your living conditions. Lighting will need to be adjusted with appropriate lighting and the mentioned measurements. Watering and maintenance will be based on these first two parameters.

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