EpiPots : Stylish Retreats for Your Epiphytic Orchids
  • EpiPots : Stylish Retreats for Your Epiphytic Orchids

EpiPots : Stylish Retreats for Your Epiphytic Orchids


These pots are not just containers, but artistic expressions that perfectly complement the unique beauty of epiphytes. Innovative designs and carefully integrated features provide both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Color: White
Size: H18 x L13 x l9.5 cm

The Advantages of 3D Printed Pots

Creating stylish PLA design pots through 3D printing ushers in a new era of creativity and sustainability for your plants.

Their three-dimensional design adds a touch of modernity and originality. By choosing to craft PLA design pots using 3D printing, you demonstrate a commitment to sustainability while infusing an artistic and personal touch into your gardening space.

Beyond their striking aesthetics, 3D printed pots are engineered to enhance your plants' growth conditions. Their intricate design provides improved root aeration, promoting healthy and robust root development. Moreover, these innovative pots come with an integrated water tray, simplifying plant care.

Please anticipate production delays in case of stock shortage. Pre-orders can be made via email.


Pot with built-in saucer (non-removable)

Made from PLA with a 3D printer

Quantities are limited. For specific orders, please contact me.

Customized manufacturing is possible, with technical constraints. Pots cannot exceed a maximum width of 20cm by 30cm in height. Feel free to reach out via email if needed.

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